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  2. #TCF08

    Turntill & Merlin – In & Out (Single)


    01. In & Out
    02. In & Out (Krome Remix)
    03. In & Out (Jayl Funk Remix)
    04. In & Out (Rory Hoy Remix)
    05. In & Out (PulpFusion Remix)

    The Chosen Few – Records proudly presents you the latest escapade of TURNTILL & MERLIN: “In & Out”. Inspired by the disco sound of the 80’s the two DJs and producers conjured a track that will delight not only B-Boys and B-Girls. The driving breakbeat harmonizes perfectly with the colored disco keys. Refreshing vocal samples give the work an additional ease. A real feelgood-maneuver, which is interpreted on the five track strong maxi-single four more times again. The collaborations prove, that the boys have their blinders long lost. Their guests KROME (Switzerland), JAYL FUNK (Germany), RORY HOY (England) and PULPFUSION (Switzerland) lead the start of imaging electro break on through to the youngest heir to the disco sounds.

    Translated by Soulsugar’s PG aka Aika Beats.
    Ekaterini Drakopoulos

    Mastered by Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos

    „Hey man, i love it! Disco breaks, lots of groove, energy, what’s not to love!!! Would love a promo man, mad support!“ – DJ Kid Stretch (1 x DMC Champ / Greek)

    „Boomting!“ – JFB (2 x DMC Champ / England)

    „You don`t have to reinvent the wheel, why should you? On Turntill & Merlin`s In & Out they just combines dusty but funky elements and take it to a completely new level adding freshness to it. This track is making people dance to the beat and feel happy for sure!“ – DJ Ace (3 x DMC CHAMP / Switzerland)

    “Turntill showing that breakbeats are still alive and kicking with my man Jayl funk showing us he is the funkiest man on remix duties.. Solid release” – Sammy Senior (DJ/Producer) (New Zealand)

    „In & Out bringst the funk like we dig it! – T-Bird ( Los Chicos Altos / Spain)




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    This mix was made the morning after a party we had with DJ Bulla of The Chosen Few Mexico / Tribu Mala, DJ Turntill, DJ King Emir and our host Lu Scurpiddu.
    It was a fun night with reggae, dancehall, mexican rap, afrobeat and on.. so the next morning after the party we did this mix for giving you a taste of the night.
    Part one is by DJ Bulla, he mixes some mexican rap. Part two is by DJ Turntill who mixes some reggae. Part three is by DJ King Emir wich pumps the afrobeat!

    It`s summertime 2014.. so let`s get it on!


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    DONNA WETTER “Wettervorhersage”

    Wir kommen zur „Wettervorhersage“…:
    Macht euch bereit für Donna Wetter! Auf über 40 Mixtape-Minuten spittet sich die Wahlheidelbergerin ihre Rapseele vom Leib. Ihre frische, rohe und starke Stimme flowt p…assend zu den Themen ihrer Texte über die sorgfältig ausgesuchten Beatkonstrukte amerikanischer Bauart.
    Diversifiziert und versiert erzählt die Rapperin ihre Geschichten. Diese vermögen den Hörer mal in tiefgründig persönlicher („Manchmal“), in gesellschaftlich genervter (…„Handy aus“), in selbstironischer („Slapstick“) oder in kulturloyaler („Wofür ich das mach“) Art für sich einzunehmen. Gemixt von DJ Turntill(Bern, Schweiz) mit Features von 2D PICCHE (Bolzano, Italien), NEX RADICAL RHYMER (Philadelphia, USA), sowie den Deutschen Der Knorkige Don, ChefDenkA und Backwoods Bunch, besticht das Mixtape durch seine charmant rohe Unverblümtheit.
    Keine Minute Langeweile kommt auf. Im Gegenteil erzeugt das wiederholte Durchhören dieser 17-Track-starken „Wettervorhersage“ den Wunsch, dass da bald noch mehr kommt.
    Die Schlechtwetterausrüstung darf also getrost verstaut werden, denn Rapdeutschland freut sich auf: kein Regen, dafür Donna!

    © 2014, TCF
    donna wetter wettervorhersage mixed by turntill





Till Gerber aka Turntill shouldn't be unknown to capital citizens for he has given them the parties known as FUNKY FLASHBACK and GET FUNKY ON THURSDAY. Even today the young man delivers, with reliability, something surprising from his funk, soul, rap and breakbeat repetoire to the partycrowds.

Getting close with the vinyl and communicating with the audience is still a matter of honour. Old School Intelligenza meets untainted turntable music with genuine love. According to the principles of the pillars of this culture an elder B-Boy introduced Turntill to the world of Rap, Djing, Breaking and Writing. He owns the smooth enthusiasm of an allrounder in all disciplines. That's why Turntill never fails to deliver even to folks that heard it all. No played out tunes! Turntill presents only the finest sets gathered during thousands of hours of digging in crates. All was carefully chosen to party and to spread knowledge. Who's got the funk?


Till "Turntill" Gerber was born on the 11th of November 1985 in Bern, Switzerland and grew up there. His father is a self-employed artist who always worked at home whilst listening to Blues, Jazz, Rock, Soul and Reggae music. This inspired Till to make his own music and when he was 9 years old, he began to play the drums. Around the same age he met an artist who completely changed his vision on art in general and who especially introduced him into Hip-Hop culture. Till became fascinated by this new world that had opened itself to him and he started breakdancing and writing graffiti. In 1999 he bought his first DJ kit and started to learn "scratch" techniques and made mix-tapes.

In 2001 he had his first official DJ set, which was the first in a long series of gigs he held all over Switzerland. Till has been DJing for a local Swiss radio,, for over a decade now.

What triggered his motivation to organize his own parties was an internal need to express his personal vision of Hip Hop culture and to support and contribute to the community. He wanted artists to be able to interact and meet with the public. Turntill created three party names for regular gigs: "Funky Flashback", "Trueskool Downtown" and "Get funky on Thursday". He also took part in the huge Swiss Hip-Hop jam "Style Time Jam" and even helped organize the 3-day "Bärn Jam". It has always been important for Turntill to make a bridge between the oldschool and the newschool Hip-Hop music. Turntill is very aware of the importance of conserving and developing culture.

Quote from "Club Bonsoir", Bern ( "Turntill's DJ-Sets are like a history lesson of Hip-Hop culture".

Turntill has always been interested in the root of music and has been digging through the crates of vinyl stores all around the world to find the original records on which Hip-Hop is based. He didn't have the equipment to produce his own music so he went on the search for motivated producers. That is how he met DJ Merlin (co-producer in the "Rogue State Alliance" Exchange Project) as well as Percy and Meisterbeatz, who are applying with Turntill for this producer exchange project. It's precisely through these collaborations that productions like "Tsigan feat. Black Tiger" or "Burni Aman" (Solo Album 2011) were created. Till's experience as a DJ has given him the knowledge he needs to know how to arrange a perfect team. His networking skills have always been one of the biggest contributing factors to the success of his projects. He is very highly appreciated by all the people who have worked with him.

Over the last years Turntill has produced his events and sold his mixtapes under the brand label "The Chosen Few". He wishes to continue developing this brand and exposing it in the international arena as well. Turntill is seen in the hip hop scene as an important initiator, micro manager and mediator, who brings artists from various scenes together to carry out projects together. He is also respected for his quest to ensure the preservation and promotion of all aspects of the hip hop culture in Switzerland.

Since 2002 Turntill is employed as a care giver for young children. He loves working with people and sharing knowledge with them.



TCF Rock RiddimWizardGroove OnThe Chosen FewIn & OutJungle Strikes Vol 9The Remix Sessions Vol 1
Lime Sorbet Vol 4 (Selected By Quincy Jointz)Jointz Venture Remixed Vol 2Wrong World Remixed, Vol. 1


Here you can find TURNTILL´s latest video-releases.

Chilla & Emex feat TURNTILL – Eingang oder Ausgang (Prod. DJ KidCut)

TURNTILL of The Chosen Few (Switzerland) visited the lovely city Heidelberg in Germany to meet Chilla & Emex of The Chosen Few Germany. They spend a good time together with dope sessions. On Saturday Chilla & Emex wrote the lyrics on the floor of the hall of fame where TURN (TCF) was painting. In the night they recorded untill the sun cames up over a fresh beat of DJ KIDCUT of The Chosen Few Berlin, Germany. After 4 houres of sleep (and a thunfish pizza was already spinning in Emex`s microwave) they woke up to make the video.

It was not the aim to do it perfect. Now and one week later you see the video and hopefully feel the vibe that they had when they did it.

Where are you?

Eingang oder Ausgang?


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